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About this new topic, I thought of different ways.

First, I thought about Eevee's happiness that it will be evolved. Which is unfortunately already taken.
I would have thought aboutthe two systems, or even three.

• The first is through contests. Earn a certain amount of ribbons to make it evolve to the next level.

• A new evolutionary, evolved Pokémon with the "beauty". Disguising, by taking care and bringing it to the hairdresser etc ...

• Or an object that would evolve Eevee. I would like to give a name but I do know, I'm not English xD
But its developments are mainly focused on the DNA would be in relation to the neutral genetic.

• Or as ... leveling.
It will evolve to level 25-35. Not later, as we can see, Eevee's stats are unfortunately weak. So level 25-35 would be great

• These points are related with beauty. So I see Eevee with a greater beauty. It will be less sweet, but nicer!
With more fur.

Something like that:

• I would name it Eeveeon/Neutreon. Good idea Mononoke!


And here, some bars user:





I can't even post my banners :3