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Originally Posted by Don Bastio View Post
i do cheat, but only cheats that wont affect the difficulty of the game like speed cheats. i was wondering if you could actually get a shiny starter without cheating. not in the wild but for example when Oak tells you to get a ball off the table. is there a chance it will be shiny?
Yes, of course. The chances of a starter off the table being shiny is exactly the same as wild encounter shiny rates. To get a shiny starter without cheating, there is something called soft-resetting, more commonly known as SRing. This is done by saving the game just before picking your starter. If any of the starters aren't shiny, you simply reset the game - turn it off and on or press L + R + Start + Select for the DS or A + B + Start + Select for the Gameboy etc. and try again. Keep on doing this until the starter you want is shiny. This might take many, many tries, possibly even thousands, but it's the most efficient way to get a shiny starter.

And I do believe this belongs more appropriately to the Quick Questions thread?