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Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
Okay, first, you need a program called IrfanView. If you have ever done spriting, you'll know this program. What you need is to get all the OWs onto one paint image, for example:

Make sure there are no boxes in between the sprites, unlike in the image above. Next, you need to index them by clicking [Image>Decrease Colour Depth> 16 Colours] onn IrfanView, and save it as the 'Original Folder'. Next, split them up again and insert them one by one. I know this process is tiring, but I don't think there is any other ways.
Alternatively you can do what I like to.

1) Change the palette of the overworld you're replacing. (Unless you're using an existing overworld in which you can ignore this step.)
2) Export the overworld you're replacing and open it in a program that supports indexed images. (MS Paint pre-windows 7 and Photoshop are the best options in my opinion.)
3) Past your overworld on top of the old one and import it into NSE or OWRE. (You'll have to do this for each individual frame.)
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