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Originally Posted by SkittishHeart View Post
Whenever I see/read, Arcana, I swear I automatically link it to Persona... but I guess that isn't the only one that makes use of the concept of Tarot cards 'n' stuff. Anyway, now that I've looked and read a little on Famiglia's wiki page, I must say that I'm definitely interested. :D
Aaand I'd also prefer the first option, since it somehow reminds me of the game that I just mentioned. That, and I get the feeling that it'd be the most fun. :3
The OOC thread is actually finished now (still needs to be made pretty though!), so it'll be posted soon-ish once I've had a few proof readers c: I'm just hoping people aren't put off but the fact it's from an anime, especially a relatively unknown one, even if you don't have to watch it to take part... Went with the "universal boss" idea though since that's what everyone seems to prefer :D