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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    Why have no Route connections? I always found places like that - well, weird. Same with Four Island having no connections save by boat in the Sevii Islands. I mean, a connecting Route with wild Pokémon in it might still be a nice touch. After all, it's the biggest city in the region.

    I'm sure you have your reason, I'm just giving my view. I'm sure the reason makes sense.

    I originally planned the city to be connected to Area 125 just like that but then figured it would be more interesting and realistic to make Area 125 have an entrance to Underground Tunnel leading to the city as the city is surrounded by high mountains.
    There is also a special event in the underground tunnel related to something that happens in the city later on so that's another reason I guess. Granaldo Cave itself doesn't have another entrance so the only way to get to the city is through the underground tunnel.

    Feedback is always appriciated, may it be good or bad. If you have something to say about the map or city idea, feel free to.

    Also, the banner has gotten a "name update".

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