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    Chapter 1 (Part 3) James Jones

    Route 101

    The Pokeball shook, it wobbled, it looked like it was doing a sort of ... dance, but despite the poison covering Poochyena and his scorched fur, he managed to break free from the capsule. The Poochyena didn't look happy, neither did Torchic.

    "Damn ..." James grunted. "Let's finish this off, Torchic, Agility then Ember, again and again!"

    Torchic spun circles around Poochyena, to it's left, right, left again, and Poochyena was very confused. Torchic then just about finished off the Poochyena with the finishing ember, and Poochyena looked exhausted.

    "Now, let's finish what we started!" James said triumphantly, "Go, Pokeball!" and the Pokeball flung through the air.

    Everything then seemed to go in slow motion, the Pokeball slowly opened around Poochyena, the seal clicked shut, and then it wibbled, it wobbled, it shook, "Come on ... come on ..." and the Poochyena was ...

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