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    Originally Posted by FIQ View Post
    I'm not sure if you can test this, but GBP sounds pretty bad on gpSP (Maemo version if that matters). I guess it's an emulator issue, but can it be fixed on game side?

    Also, I don't really have any useful key items in Pallet Town, do I?
    I'd probably take a good guess and say that it's the emulator's fault. I've tested the GB Player in a few of the most reliable emulators out there, and it works as it should.

    Based on your emulator of choice, it seems like you're trying to play the game on the PSP. The current emulator I'm using on it for GBA playback is gpSP-J (the most recent release is from 4/30 of this year). It runs everything in my hack smoothly, including the GB Player. The only issue I can see is that it plays noise instruments a bit too loudly.

    Don't be freaked out by the Japanese text! To change it to English, do this:
    1. Open the emulator on your PSP.
    2. Press X to go to gpSP-J's main menu.
    3. Select the fifth option in this menu. It should be the first of a group of three options, near the middle of the screen.
    4. The last option on that screen (not counting "Back") changes the language. Push right on it and you'll see some text change to English.
    5. Back out of this screen and exit the emulator.
    6. Start it again.
    7. ???
    8. Profit.
    I haven't seen any new, reliable releases of gpSP-Kai, so gpSP-J seems like your best bet, but feel free to try one if it's as new (or newer) than this version of gpSP-J!

    Of course, we've got an entirely different situation if you're PSP is only running signed homebrew...because it isn't hacked...

    And come on, it's not like you have to register an item the first chance you get!
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