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    Given that I was beginning to get bored with my Platinum file, I decided to restart my SoulSilver file. Before leaving New Bark Town to retrieve that egg that Mr. Pokemon wanted Professor Elm to see, the professor offered me a selection of three rare Pokemon to partner with. I chose to depart with the Fire-type Cyndaquil, who I decided to nickname Isaac.

    Once i had obtained the enigmatic egg from Mr. Pokemon, I was given a surprise gift of a Pokedex from Professor Oak. Hmmmm...he must have been visiting his buddy while in Johto. Shortly afterward, I got another egg in a trade when I stopped in Cherrygrove. Although Mr. Pokemon's egg still had not even budged at that time, it was only a matter of time before the egg that the trainer from Sinnoh sent me. It ended up being a Smoochum, blonde and big-lipped! I named her Diana right after she hatched.

    Since then, I passed through the Sprout Tower in Violet City, earning the TM for the Flash technique. But now I am in the local Gym, hoping to blow Falkner's beloved birds away with Diana's newly-learned Powder Snow attack!

    Oh, and my name is Jilly.

    My current team:

    Isaac the Cyndaquil (Timid male, Lv. 12)

    Diana the Smoochum (Timid female, Lv. 11)
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