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Originally Posted by von Weltschmerz View Post
1 I don't see how that can happen. No one has died from smoking marijuana. And with the absence of its ability to create a physical dependencywithdrawals... it couldn't create the same state as alcohol did in that situation. Like I said... I don't have to prove that weed does not create physical dependencywithdrawal. That would be neigh on impossible. I would have to list out every single instance of withdrawal from marijuana. For you... you would have to list the ONE instance that causes such a dependency withdrawal. Something you have FAILED to do.
Nobody you know has died of smoking weed. Thing is where do you draw the line at 'death by cannabis'? Surely death by dangerous actions, death by vomiting, death by smoking (and drinking at the same time) should be counted? You're fixating too much on the 'if I sit in a room and smoke one spliff I'm fine' kind of mentality.

2 You want proof? Give me positive claims that I made and I will fetch it for you. Do not ask me to prove negative claims, I have not asked that of you for the reasons stated above.
Wait what? This is science. Just as I've shown studies which say Marijuana is dangerous surely you could find some that reported no dangers? Don't be lazy.

3 Plus... YOU HAVE NO WAY OF DEBATING. If we all just posted how you did.. then we would have no debate. Also... what is your obsession with scientific degrees? They don't make you certifiably correct.
Hello there, I stated a point and then presented the evidence at hand. A debate is no opinion driven, it is supported by facts.

Obsession? I mentioned it once, whilst you disclaimed scientific evidence.

But even with that... alcohol creates a physical withdrawal, and marijuana does not.
As I've said, some studies show that there is withdrawal symptoms. In fact anyone in the UK who watches Jeremy Kyle will have noticed that.

Also... I provided an link and that would be
You supplied a link to a bias source, ""We use cannabis religiously and you can, too.” It's not reliable in the slightest. Even with a so called Doctor supporting their claims he is against the vast majority of people - including those doing active research in to the topic.
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