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Originally Posted by PiemanFiddy View Post
I think Marijuana should be banned EVERYWHERE. I mean seriously?

There are people who get high off of BATH SALTS, and they cannibalize other people. Even though it uses a different substance, it can still be really dangerous.

Oh yeah, and people always say that you can never be addicted to Marijuana. Well... if that's true, then why does the term 'Pothead' or 'Crackhead' exist? I'll let you decide.

Frankly, I don't care if people start abusing pot. They'll only use it just to make food taste amazing. Not much harm there XD.
Uh dude, Crackhead refers to people who do crack... Also bath salts and crack are waayyyy worse than pot, like significantly worse. Also pot doesn't make you come close to going bat**** insane, at most you'll skip your day plans. Also pothead doesn't mean an addict, it is someone who does nothing but smoke pot all the time.

P.S. Crack is super addictive, but it isn't Marijuana, it is cocaine.

Edit: @Toujours Motorcycles are cheaper to buy than cars, they use way less gas, and are not as dangerous as you have exaggerated. Driving in this time and age is a necessity, it would take me hours to walks to my school and it would take my dad a day to walk to the city from where we live.

Otherwise, I like your side of the argument.
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