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    yes, there are several pokemon on route 01! in addition to Chyinmunk, you can find Mankey and Smore, I believe! plus Magikarp and Fortog, with the fishing rod. And there are many more Pokemon available in Route 02 (Owten) and the cave (Grozard, Barewl, Tonemy, and Dunsparce)!

    Hmm. I'm not a big fan of using arbitrary percentages to describe the completion level, but I'd hazard it's ~40% of the total game because demo 2.1 has 3 of the 6 gyms. the majority of the plot will be in the next two demos!

    and yes, we are still making progress on the next demo! we should have a release in December, with any luck. we'll be putting out a call for beta testers soon, so if you're interested and committed to improving the game (ie. you don't just want a chance to play it early, you're actually gonna stick with us and help out), we'd love to hear from you! ...not just yet, though. we'll let you know.
    Yes I defiantly would be interested in Beta Testing, but not because I want to play earlier or anything. Ever since I was young I thought Pokemon was cool, I remember when I got my first Pokemon game :') I played for hours. Recently I have been watching all the Pokemon episodes from the first season(Indigo League). So I do have a pretty good Knowledge of Pokemon. But when I saw this thread it really peaked my interest, I checked it out and thought it was great. The reason I would like to be a Beta tester Is for the improvement of the game, I really do think this can be one of the best games out there(Including GameFreak's/Nintendo's version's). Also if you guys would need any help in the Story-Line/Idea's department, I would totally help out with that. I really do think that this game is going to be great The wheel's in my head are already spinning with ideas

    I wish you guys all the best


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