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    James Joules Garnet - Mt. Coronet

    James was pleased to have a traveling partner. With a wide grin and a jolly laugh, he got to his feet. "Holy wow! That's some impressive stuff!" he said with admiration ripe in his voice. "You're strong, that's for sure!" James didn't fully trust this girl yet, but he was fast becoming comfortable with her. No matter what she threw at him, he was sure he could win out in the end. But that was only if she turned on him. And he doubted the girl who could have killed him would turn on him later. If Aria had wanted to kill him, she'd have done it when she had the best chance she'd ever have. "Don't worr, a little hiking won't break me. In any case, you know your way better than I do... So lead the way, Aria!" Andy said jovially.

    To James' discomfort, Lisbon didn't want to keep his silence any longer. "You know you're going to have to appease her now, do you not?" James was happy he'd asked this precise question, and hadn't said something about not liking the girl. "Well Lisbon, I assure you. I can deal with having to disagree with someone every now and then. I'm sure it won't be /too/ difficult." he said, an edge to his sentence. Lisbon seemed amused by James' rebuttal and faded away again without a word. "Victory to James!" he thought happily. It was time to set off in a new direction!

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