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Velociraptor was very, very fast in her response...
BV: Uhh okay
BV: Sounds weird but for some reason I feel like i can trust you
BV: Maybe because you're kinda weird yourself
BV: In a good way, though!
BV: Oh, and this is totally irrelevant but are you a boy or a girl?

VC: oh, I'm glad to hear that, Vinnie!! :D
VC: even the weird part
VC: VB tells me that now and then too
VC: and you guys are pretty alike in some ways!
VC: oh, I never told you? I just assumed you realized that I was a girl :D But sorry for not letting you know before!!
VC: I'm a girl, just like CF. I don't see any harm in telling you that at least

BV: Yeah, I could have guessed as much...but you never know
BV: even an expert on women such as myself can have trouble telling if someone is a girl....
BV: or just a really, really bubbly guy.
BV: ...
BV: I think you're swell.

Okay, I'm not gonna hit on her too hard. Not yet anyway. Besides, I have work to do.
BV: Hey Vieve.
BV: Im sorry I yelled at you. But can you stop ignoring me?
BV: We have to work together on this thing
BV: And I have to get up to my gate somehow
BV: Hello?
I really didn't think it throug when I flipped on Vieve like that. I do kinda need her. But with that out of the way, it was time to do some final alchemizing before I head up. My weapon is good enough, methinks, so maybe some armor or utilities would do. Oh! That reminds me! I never alchemized more cards, did I? I quickly make a dowel and create ten more, increasing my deck to fifteen. That should be more than enough. I also decide to store the blank card dowel in it as well, just in case I need more. Before I head out to find new stuff to alchemize with, I decide to stop by and check on Mémé. She's sitting in her room, kniting. Her head perks up when she hears me enter.

"Oh, hello Vinnie. Don't mind me, just a poor old woman being attacked by demons and sprites. Or whatever it is you call them," she says with a very sassy tone. She puts her knitting materials away. Kefka laughs from somewhere in the house.

"Uhh, yeah, sorry. Just saving the world and stuff. I think," I reply, almost as sassy. You know, I really don't have a good excuse for this one. I left Mémé alone with Kefka so I could run around and play a video game. I give her the gun.

"Here. This is a bit more useful than a broom."

Mémé just kinda looks at it, then sets it on the dresser.

"No thanks. I don't do guns."

"Whatever," I reply, "You'll thank me later." I give her a kiss on the cheek and run back downstairs.

"Be careful!"

"Yeah, yeah."

Vieve better hurry.

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