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Another update log, quoted straight from:

The animation effects are just for testing, nothing is tuned for the real battle.


Today I lost a lot of time for my laggy computer but i can show you what I've done:

* Fixed positioning pokemons on their bases.
* Camera moving and resizing poke to whole screen ( still needs to be fixed cause of pokemon animations such as flying -,- but for most of them it works)
* Umm added some moving algorythms (you can see it when pokeicons are falling down)

That's all i think

So 99% of you guys dont want to see my ****** text with alot of grammar mistakes , so there ya go:

And prize ! I made a video! Weeeee

STAPH! ! !
Just realized that i wrote only what I done now its time to write what Xavier done:

Yesterday(2 dayz ago :F), Xavier also added PM tabs in our chat to make private conversations easier. It's not fully tested, but it's working afaik.

The battle screen gui design is a result of many ideas shared in our chat (, feel free to appear there and contribute with your own ideas.


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