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    Originally Posted by ppooookkkkkkk View Post
    @Icegod actually im not a native English speaker so my English may not be that good but im trying hard to make every bit perfect.
    I see that! You're one of the few people on PokéCommunity I've tried to help (abliet in a slightly cynical fashion perhaps), that actually took my advice.

    Here's some other tips you might find useful, since you're actually putting in some good effort:

    1: Try putting \b or \r before the textboxes of NPCs. \b is for a male speaker, and will make the text blue. \r is for for females, and makes the text red(Since pink would be difficult to read).

    2: Your text looks a lot better already. One recommendation I'd say is to keep in mind where one sentence should end and a new one starts. For example:
    "I wove this place its so peaceful here."
    Here is a fully correct typing, with an explanation on why:
    "I wove this place. It's so peaceful here!"
    a)The word "Its" means belonging to, for example: Its book is green.
    The more common, and correct word in this case is actually "It's", which is literally the same meaning as "It is". It's weird, I know.

    b)The period after "I wove this place" means that one sentence is ending, and a new one is about to start. The next sentence begins a new complete thought, and thus would normally start a new sentence. If you want to be crazy, you could also use a semi colon ";" in that instance, because really, in that particular scenario, "It's so peaceful here!" could be a continuation to the first sentence.

    c) The "!" is just like a period, except it indicates excitement, like "No way!" Really, it's just an expressive period.

    On a final note, commas are a lot of fun. I've used a lot of them here, so that's something else you could use to improve.

    Well, that was long. Sorry, I love my English language.

    Your game is looking better! Keep up the good work.