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    Originally Posted by MikauSchekzen View Post
    I'm a bit late to the party, but I'd also like to help from time to time. However, I see that on the wiki page, all moves are either completed in Essentials, or not done or even taken. Are none of you doing anything on the animations, or are you just neglecting the wiki page? Like Maruno said, it's very useful for this kind of thing.

    Anyway, just wanted to know if this project is still happening before I get to work on an abandoned project.

    Also, I'd recommend posting some useful and quick information on the first post, Andyman. Like for example, add a link to the wiki page, and information on how we are going to share work with each other on your first post of this topic.

    Also, this may sound bold, but maybe this post could be stickied? An animation project for Essentials may be important enough for quite some people, and it could get done quicker if it can get more people by being stickied.

    Sorry about the trouble, but I'll start asap after I get answers to my questions. Unless one of the answers is: "this project has been abandoned", but I sure hope it isn't!
    i think its not abandoned... imo the problem is that people dont know how to or dont have enough time to rip the animations... and i can understand them because its VERY time consuming to rip one animation properly... i have not enough time to rip them myself but i gave you an opportunity to rip them without having the rom... even if you have the rom its easier to rip them from the apng files... so if you want to help start ripping one or two animations and upload the results... even if they are not finished! i am sure there will be a few people who would finish ripping them and animate them in essentials so you dont need to animate them yourself (which is time consuming too)!
    and even if there is no one who animates them right now your work will not be lost because i am sure someone would use them someday to make the attack animations...
    but if you think that its better to animate them in essentials yourself just do it... like i said your work will be appreciated from the essentials community... and i think seeing one or two finished animations would motivate people to help!
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