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The only CN shows I occasionally watch are Batman Brave and the Bold, Young Justice and Adventure Time. I used to watch the second season of Ben 10, since it was IMO better than the first one, but it later went downhill so I can't even stand Ben 10 now. Adventure Time is also a good show, but it requires you to sit through an episode or two first. When I first watched some clips on youtube, it looked pretty lame. But after watching the first three episodes, I got into it and now I love it.

And I can't agree that the older shows were better. Even then they had some good and some bad shows. Just because we can remember the good ones, doesn't mean that there weren't bad ones. Like, most Scooby Doo seasons. I think that I only liked the first one (one with the "Scooby dooby doo, where are you?" theme song).

I mean, if someone can't stand the new shows on CN, why not watch Boomerang? Isn't Boomerang practically the CN those people love?
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