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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
Soda is literally empty calories. It has 0 nutritional value and is nothing but bad for you. It is not a necessity to live. Should people be banned from drinking it?
Soda specifically isn't a necessity to live, but some form of drink is and, if someone chose to do so, they could use soda as their only liquid intake and it would be a necessity for them. Soda, like any drink that isn't water, is just an alternative form of something that is absolutely required - liquid intake. So no, it obviously shouldn't be banned.

Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
How about people riding motorcycles? Motorcycles are incredibly dangerous compared to cars. It's not a necessity to drive one, or even to drive anywhere. Should people be banned from drinking it?
Honestly, if I could, I would since you're right here. They're more dangerous than cars and they're overall not totally necessary. Although others have covered the reasons why motorcycles could be considered better than card anyway.

Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
How about women having children above the age of 35? It's very dangerous to the mother and the child to have children at that age. Giving birth is not a necessity to live. Should people be banned from giving birth at that age?
I'd say there are more benefits to having kids than there are to smoking marijuana. If the parents believe that the benefits outweigh the risks then that's fine. Where are the genuine, realistic benefits of marijuana other than it makes you feel good?

Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
Saying "it's dangerous so it should be banned" is a really naive way of looking at it. I would like to see a more extended argument, where you explain why dangerous things should be banned, how it meshes with the general idea of personal freedoms, and the narrow definition between "dangerous thing I don't like to do like pot that should be illegal", and "dangerous thing I do like to do like eating unhealthy that should be totally legal". Not claiming that you like eating unhealthy, but this is a line that pretty much everyone with the argument "it's dangerous keep it banned" hasn't defined.
That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that it's dangerous and without realistic gains or any degree of necessity, so it should be banned. There's much more to the argument than the very oversimplified "omg ban everything remotely dangerous". Of course I'm absolutely against that idea. I'm also uncertain of where you got the impression that I'm talking about a "dangerous thing I don't like to do like pot that should be illegal" when I've not said once that I don't do pot. I do. And I still think it should be illegal because I know it's not really helping me or anyone with pretty much anything. It's just something potentially harmful that people do for no real reason. And on those grounds, I'd want it banned.

You want me to provide a more extended argument here but you've still not given me a reason why something which does no good and potentially does do harm shouldn't be illegal. You've only compared it to other things which don't really apply. I'll give you one back: would you unban harder drugs? They're bad for you but they make you feel good so your argument should say yes.

Originally Posted by von Weltschmerz View Post
This might be a valid argument if not for one thing: It's my body. The risk for such things if VERY slim. Especially when compared to the risks posed by alcohol and tobacco. It is extremely hypocritical that they would allow such substances like those, yet still ban marijuana on the grounds that it is dangerous. How do they get to pick and choose what kind of "bad" I get to do to my body? Alcohol affects cognitive skill... but only when you're drunk. Should we then have that banned as well? And Alcohol can create the same mental addictions, with physical withdrawals. Devastating physical withdrawals that can lead to death/the need for liver transplant etc. Tobacco is physically addictive, and we allow it? Tobacco calms people down, BUT it also gives them cancer. Alcohol makes people feel better, BUT it also damages nextto every organ in body. Tobacco and Alcohol both are unable to present legitimate medical claims, yet they are legal for recreational use; whereas marijuana has significant medicinal purposes... yet isn't. There are some serious double standards being raised here.

Entirely disregarding the health issue... I'm not shoving a blunt a down your throat and forcing you to puff on it, am I? So then, pray tell, why would you intend to force the disuse of this substance upon me, when I have not even had the slightest intent of forcing its use upon you? I think I'm quite old enough to assess the benefits and drawbacks to something that affects purely me. I mean... if marijuana really did make me go crazy and murder my family with an ax... I could see where you are coming from. But it doesn't, and I can't. Since I would also be smoking in a private venue, the idea that my smoking is affecting anyone else in anyway is just plain wrong.
Just because the risks are slim compared to x and y, which I'll come to later, doesn't mean they don't exist and doesn't mean they shouldn't be dealt with. It's your body, true, but isn't it the job of those running a country to try to ensure the best for its residents by, in part, the prohibition of dangerous activities which have no real useful application? I don't see why a government should sit by and allow its people to potentially harm themselves at will. I'll ask you the same that I asked Toujours - why should harder drugs be banned?

Regarding alcohol and tobacco, I never said anything about not wanting any of those things banned. If I had it totally my way, they would be. But as we've seen in the past, banning those sorts of things just doesn't work and isn't at all feasible. The same argument I'm using here for marijuana applies in my mind for alcohol and tobacco.

On a note not directed at either of you, rather than arguments against marijuana being illegal, can someone give arguments for it being legal? If they outweigh the reasons for which I think it should be illegal than I'll probably change my viewpoint.
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