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    Hello there! I'm Patsy! Today I woke up later to my alarm clock blaring in my ear. I jumped out of bed and frantically got dressed. I ran downstairs to find my mom had packed my stuff for my rip to see Professor Elm. I ran next door only to run into my best friend Ethan (between you and me, I think he has a crush on me.) After we talked for a while I ran next door to the pokemon lab. Out of breath I hurried up to the town's professor, and he told me to choose a pokemon for my journey. I quickly chose cyndaquil, and she was adorable! I said thank you and headed off to meet Mr. Pokemon!

    Team Update!

    As of yet unnamed Cyndaquil

    Lv 8
    Rash Nature


    PM Me My Youtube

    Main 3DS: 0430-8792-4211
    Secondary 3DS: 1693-2174-1142
    Friend Safaris:
    First Safari Poison; Ariados, Gloom, Drapion
    Secondary Safari: Ghost; Dusklops, Shuppet, Phantump
    I have Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. My sister is playing my X version currently.

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