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Originally Posted by Mokoko View Post
Hello everybody, as you know I'm new and just registered today. I don't exactly know what to say, so.. Hi. Hoping to make some new friends~ :D I should probably change my nature to timid... And despite what my sister might say, I'm nice, just hot-headed, so please don't mess with me. <.< >.> Thank you~ By the way, my sister is Gym Leader Rozu.
Hi Mokoko, and welcome!

I happen to be friends with Rozu here so I'm sure you've heard about me of something (yes, I'm that one with the cute blue Oshawott profile) but nice you decided to follow her here. I happen to be Australian too! Call me Hikari btw.

Do you have any particular interest in a certain board, or do you just wanna browse the whole forum? Do you have any fave Pokemon or characters? So many questions to ask. I happen to be one of the global browsers, which means I browse all sections but I'm mainly found in the Trivia boards, Pokemon-based areas (aside from the TCG) and also I'm a regular here in New Users/Welcome.

Have your stay and feel free to VM me!

- Hikari10

"Knowledge is Power."
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