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    Jari Hernandez

    #3 Hawaiians on a Plane

    That was scary. OK. The plane lumbered in front of the windows of the airport, and it was frightening that Jari had to go on an airplane. AN AIRPLANE. Jari had lumbered out of his house with Blaze on his shoulder, who then went running on the sidewalk. If he had not been so eager, he might’ve noticed a slight blur nearby- but he wouldn’t really take much notice, anyway. Noticing the time on his watch, he scooped up Blaze in his hands, and ran, not minding the fire at all. But then he arrived, and the plane landed right in front of the windows. It wasn’t that, though, that scared him. It was the fact he was going to go on one of those- worst of all, into the sky. As his flight was about in an hour or so, he told Monferno to wake him up when the flight came, and took a quick snooze.

    “Kid, get ready.”
    “You're going to be in the sky. Your out of protection, out of my range of control. In other words, there is no land to save you now. You’ll still have your powers, but be careful.”
    “Hey, I might be scared of planes, but I’ll live.”
    “You looked sleepy. It’s a nine hour flight. Try not to fall asleep.”
    “Can’t explain. You’re about to be woken up. And whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.

    Jari rubbed his eyes, picked up his Monferno, (who had successfully administered a gentle slap to the face) and walked toward the entrance, stalling as much as he could.

    “Are you Jari?”
    “Ok. First Class, flight to Tokyo, Japan.”
    “Really?!” Jari had known, for a fact, that on planes you always felt better in first class.
    “Yes, free lunch, free drinks, the whole kit and kaboodle.”
    “Awesome!” Jari shifted the weight of his backpack. A man greeted him at the entrance to the plane.
    “Please be seated. A representative from the League will be here shortly.”

    As Jari got comfortable and fastened his seatbelt, he gave the empty seat next to him to Blaze, who sat and crossed his fingers. Jari chuckled and told him he didn’t have to do that, and Blaze suddenly kept his arms out comfortably. Jari looked over afterwards as the representative walked in with a sign language translator. The representative stiffened up and began to speak in a somewhat formal manner.

    “As you may notice, all of you have been accepted to the League. We will make this as brief as possible so not to interrupt your flight to .” He picked up a cellphone-like device and showed it to the entire plane. “This is a phone. It has been fitted to suit both your personal and travel needs, complete with a flight planner and a prototype Pokedex. The Pokedex will be used to record data on Pokemon, however, you will probably have to record the data yourself many times during your adventure. Each one of you shall be given one. If you lose this or break it, it is on you to buy a new one. Each one costs about $600 dollars, and trainers will often times pay you about $60 each. There are other ways receive that money during your adventure. This phone will not be monitored, so feel free to do what you feel like doing with it.” Then, the representative put the phone down. He instead stretched his arms wide, his palms parallel to the ceiling. “We will only pay for your flights before you win your third gym badge. The ones proceeding those will require you to pay or find another route of transportation. Thank you for your time. Any questions?”
    “Well, I heard we would be getting a form of on-ground transportation, like a bike or a skateboard or something.”
    “You will be informed of that at your destination. Any other questions?”
    “Do you guys pay for the hotels, dude?”
    “Do you provide transportation to ALL gyms?”
    “Yes, until you’ve earned your third badge.” The man was now slightly annoyed. To his luck, the rest of the passengers were silent, except for the odd one playing his air guitar. The phones were given out, and the man left.

    Jari decided to read a book, and began to immerse himself in the next edition of Scientific Pokemon. The flight began shortly afterwards. Lucky for Jari, he hadn’t noticed until he got bored of the magazine two hours later. His Monferno was taking a nap, similar to many other people and their companions on the flight. A Pokemon hopped around, giving people drinks. Jari was ashamed of the pilots, those lazy bums using their Pokemon like waiters! However, he knew it would be rude just to refuse, so instead he offered to do the Sentret’s job for her. It was quick and simple, handing out sodas to those in first class and giving himself some. As he popped a Coke, his eyes led him outside. Jari would have pissed his pants if he didn’t have a sense of pride. His face gradually became green until he asked to switch with Monferno, who obliged, sitting on the seat nearest the window without a care in the world. Jari had gotten about 5 sodas, gone to the bathroom, and yet after an hour he was still sleepy. They were 4 hours into the 9 hour flight. He tried to stay awake at the five hour mark, but fell asleep.

    “Why are you here?!” Jari was in a dream. But it wasn’t the lizard speaking. Instead, it was more of a flying green serpent.
    Jari stammered in his response. “W-well, u-u-uh, I’m sorry!”
    “I don’t know who you are, but I don’t like intruders.”
    “B-but, I...” Jari was frightened. Suddenly, he spiraled down into the ground, into the cavern again, creating a hole in the ground in the process. “Hey... man...” Jari was happy to see the lizard again, but he was woken up right then and there. A voice boomed over the loudspeakers. “We are stopping on this here island for an hour to get gas. Please remain in your seats. There is still another three hours that we must spend flying.” Jari groaned and went to sleep so he could get that out of his system.

    “Well, I’m sorry! You’re not the one who was blasted from the sky into the ground just now!”
    “Sooooorrrryyyy! At least be grateful that was a dream! You could’ve died!”
    “Whatever, let’s fix that’s hole. We can talk while we do it.”
    “You’re doing it. You ARE my pupil, after all.”
    Jari began sealing the hole with hardened magma. “How do you suggest I stay awake? I don’t want to confront THAT thing again.”
    The big, red, giant lizard thing looked his way and said, “confront your fear.”
    “You are going to sit on the window seat and look out the window. Constant fear will envelop you and you will not fall asleep.”
    “No, b-but, t-t-t-thats insane!”
    “Why, my pupil?”
    “Because! I’ll be staring into the eyes of death.” Suddenly, the giant lizard (let’s call him L, you know, lizards, for now) looked wise beyond his years.

    “No. You will be staring into the eyes of the sky, Ray-” The line was cut off as he woke up.

    He glued his eyes to the window after he switched seats with his Monferno (he was really good at waking him up, wasn’t he?), and began to gulp. It was nauseating and disorienting. Looking down into the ever shifting sky, the land moving and the clouds shifting into other ways, and then the constantly changing sea, waves crashing on itself, and then just clouds, too high to see anything. Jari could’ve sworn he saw a sliver of green once- almost like the one in his dream. He looked intently, his eyes burning through the skyline below. He never spotted it, but he wasn’t as scared as he was before of the sky. He kept looking, thinking, which Pokemon had a name that began with Ray-?He couldn't think of one. He continued to down at the sky. Still a bit frightened, however, he tried to take breaks. He walked around the plane occasionally, or read a book he had packed sometimes. He didn’t fall asleep, but the serpentine creature was in his thoughts, even as the plane finished its descent into Tokyo.

    Jari walked out, almost disoriented as the ground felt so solid. When he was finally out of baggage claim, he walked towards the League representative stationed outside.
    “You will be given three different options for ground transportation. Please choose wisely.” The woman’s beauty infiltrated his mind for a second.
    “Uh, what?’ Jari said dumbly, then, noticing what she had asked, replied, “what are my choices?”
    “Well, we have a bike, a pair of rollerblades, a motorcycle, and by popular demand, a skateboard.”
    “Is there anything else?”
    “We can supply shoes for running, if you prefer.”
    “Nonono, that’s fine. Just a bike, please.”
    “Here you go! There is no need for a helmet, by the way. It has technology that prevents it from falling over.” Jari tested it out, and it was accurate- the bike did not only lean a bit but stay still without support, it also ejected a iron bar when things like that happened.
    “Ok... so I’ll leave for the first gym. Can I get a map?”
    “Sure. Have a good time!”
    “Sayonara!” Jari hopped on his bike and began his ride to the gym.
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