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Hi Mokoko welcome to PC <3! I just met your sister yesterday actually and found out she's literally the same age as me (younger by 3 days :p) but yeah she's a nice person in my opinion :D. Don't be frightened, it can be intimidating when you're unfamiliar with the forum but I promise you over time it'll not be scary at all and more of a fun experience that'll you'll treasure <3.

At PC it's as easy as saying your alphabet, writing down 123, walking or talking to become friends with someone. We have huge amounts of users with different personalities but we're all friendly I promise :3. If anybody is bothering you, your first choice of contact should probably be a staff. Hopefully this doesn't happen though :D.

A flaaffy fan :D? Haha I love those sheep, their beautiful although Mareep is my favourite out of the trio closely followed by Flaaffy. Their amazing electric types n_n, don't you think so? If you like eevees there's an official eevee and its eeveelutions fanclub, that might be interesting <3. I love Leafeon as well as Vaporeon, they're both adorable, how about you :D?

I'm Rainbow by the way, feel free to chat anytime I don't bite :3. See you around Mokoko, have fun at PC alright?
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