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The brightest and most excited smile spread across Mothball's face when Professor Vayne beckoned for them to join her. He thrilled a little inside. Actually, he thrilled a whole lot inside. He took extra care not to knock into anything on his way there, grinning triumphantly when he succeeded in not causing some kind of catastrophe.

When the Professor placed a tray of Pokeballs on the table, Mothball tried to pay attention to what she went on to say, he really did, but his attention kept getting drawn to the shiny, shiny Pokeballs on the desk which contained a Pokemon that he might get for his very own self. The only words that he registered were 'love' and 'clinic' and later on 'Pokemon love partners' which caught his attention a little because, wait, what?

The professor was laughing, so he figured it probably wasn't anything important. Watching Professor Vayne for any signs of reprimand, he reached out for a Pokeball. He pressed the button in the middle and startled at the bright white light that erupted from the Pokeball and then formed into the shape of a small green Pokemon.

"Lar!" the Pokemon cried. Mothball, crouching in front of the Pokemon, was entranced. The smile on his face was bright enough to power the city.

"Hey there, uh... boy?" he tried, and immediately had his finger bitten for his efforts. "Girl? Girl!" he cried out, and the pressure was gone. He shook his hand a little but otherwise ignored it in favour of reaching out to stroke the Pokemon. Its skin was smooth but hard, like polished stone.

The Pokemon cocked its head to the side, inspecting him. She seemed unimpressed but allowed the petting to continue.

"Look, Eri, she's wonderful," he cooed. "Eri! This is so awesome! What're you getting?" He tried to gather the Larvitar into his arms, but couldn't lift it. Okay, that should have been obvious. Instead he turned his head to beam at Eri, still crouched on the ground.

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