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Ericka basically skipped her way after Vayne, hanging onto every single word that came out of the Professor's mouth. She didn't really understand everything that she said, but listened none the less as if each word was made of gold. When Vayne offered, Timothy was first to get his Pokémon. Ericka wasn't sure what it was called, only that it looked pretty cool, was a she and had a bit of a temper.

"Look, Eri, she's wonderful. Eri! This is so awesome! What're you getting?" he looked up at Ericka, who stepped forward and looked into the tray of PokéBalls. She didn't look through them all to try and find one she liked, but instead closed her eye, shoved her hand in and grabbed one and random. She pulled it out when she had a firm grip and mimicked Timothy, pushing the button on her PokéBall and releasing her own. At first, she expected one just like Timothy but instead, a blue... lizard eel snake thing appeared. It wasn't that she was disappointed, but she had no idea what to call it. Did they get a PokéDex too? Is that what it was called?

It purred at her and Ericka stepped forward to give it a scratch. It seemed to enjoy that. Good!

"This is awesome!" Ericka squealed a little, the scratch turning into an extreme patting session. "Look! Look what I got, Timmy!"

"Great!!" Vayne said, clapping her hands together excitedly. "There's one more thing you need!" She picked up the devices she had placed earlier and practically threw it them at Ericka and Timothy. Ericka caught hers in her left hand, it flopped open in her hand and data showed up immediately. Two Pokémon appeared on screen, almost identical to the ones now belonging to Timothy and Ericka.

... Larvitar and Dratini. Interesting! So hers was a Dratini! And under closer inspection, it was a Female. Not only that, there was an option to replace the name.

"Ruby!" Ericka stabbed in the name. "I'll call you Ruby!"
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