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Hay guys! I got you all on the list finally. Welcome aboard! ^_^

Honestly, I am behind one episode because of schoolwork/illness/birthday! So I'll catch up today while I have a few days off from school :3 In the meantime,

Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
Username: destinedjagold
Your Favorite Pony: Applejack~
Additional Information: At first, Fluttershy was my top fav, but over the days, I felt liking more of Applejack, especially her hat and her accent. :) I became a brony earlier this year, and I blame my youngest brother for it. He forced me to watch it with him, but as the eldest, it was kinda my job not to be a killjoy after seeing his very wide grin. Though I only promised to watch one episode. Yeah, just one episode, I said. The clock ticked midnight as soon as I finished watching every single episodes from Seasons 1 and 2. xD
Yeah it was hard to decide on a favorite pony! xD Twilight Sparkle was my first favorite. Then Rarity kinda took over. lol Welcome aboard to the club by the way!

Originally Posted by synerjee View Post
Username: synerjee

Favourite pony: I have two favourites, Applejack and Fluttershy, but if I have to pick between the both of them, it'll have to be Applejack. :3

Additional information: At first, I heard about MLP through a friend casually mentioning that her brother watches it and that he said it was good. I didn't think much about it and ignored it, thinking it must be some girly show and that why was my friend's brother watching it lol?! Many, many months later, I heard about it again and my curiosity increased to a point where I decided to give the first episode a shot and I am now! xD

I chose Applejack as my favourite pony as I love her country accent as well as her faithful and strong personality. I think I need not say more. :D

Oh, and my thoughts about the 3rd season:

I think it was really good, except that they should have developed King Sombra a little bit more. All he really did was float around, look malicious and growl menacingly. Overall, it was an awesome episode. Great animation, great storyline. <3
Welcome to the club synerjee <3 I adore Applejack's country accent too, and it seems to catch on to me a a point where I mimic her accent lmao.

Originally Posted by BinaryPeaches View Post
Username: BinaryPeaches
Your Favorite Pony: Applejack!
Additional Information: Uhm ... not sure. It's almost 6am and I should be heading to sleep. But been a fan since ... idk end of season one or something? After season one ended? Either way I'm not into the show enough to be called a 'brony' or whatever but I like watching it to pass the time. It's cute, the animation is really nice, and it has it's moments! ♥

As for season premier...
It was neat! It wasn't as great as the other two season's but honestly it would have been really hard to top the villians of the first two. I'm sure if King Sombra or whatever got more character things would have changed but nope. Didn't happen sadly. Still, it was nice and loved seeing Spike being the one to save the day rather than Twilight!
Hi Peachy! :D Welcome aboard! I must agree with you on the change of pace. Spike saving the day was a better ending rather than the usual, it's a great change for now. :D

Originally Posted by Houndour2005 View Post
Username: Houndour2005
Your Favorite Pony: Rarity
Additional Information: I found FiM after watching the FiM avatars, sigs and more last autumn.
Rarity is my favorite pony beside Applejack as I can relate to them most.
My friends and family knows I'm a Brony.

On saturday it's One Bad Apple with the new character Babs Seed.

My thought on the S3 opening.

All summer worth the wait.
It was like a crossover between Beauty and the Beast and Atlantis by Disney.
King Sombra reminds me of the Groke from the Moomins stop motion from 1979.
Yay for a Rarity fan! *brohoof* Welcome to the club :D

Oh, don't have to spoil the preview towards the next episode. xD What you do need to spoil is the picture. :P

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