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“Mars!” Saturn yelled as he turned to her. “What are you doing?! Get back in your position!”

“Oh, you mean the one where I just wait in the pantry and listen to Jupiter fight?!” Mars shouted as she held out a Poke ball and used it to return her Pokemon. “The one where I run and hide while you get yourself hurt playing the heroic boyfriend part?! That position?!”

Mars was trying her best not to break down and cry, however, tears started to well up in her eyes as she quickly put her hand up to wipe them away. The thought of Saturn getting hurt while looking out for her well-being was too much for her as she looked up at him with a defiant glare. Meanwhile, Saturn looked at her poker-faced. He was trying his hardest not to show fear, but he couldn't keep the concern out of his gaze when his eyes met Mars'. She was knelt in front of him while sifting through her bag for potions. The fact that it was raining didn’t make this scene any less safe. The blue haired man then glanced over at the few remaining Team Dark members as they huddled up. He turned back to Mars as he knelt down in front of her.

“Mars...” Saturn started to say as he went and gave her a kiss on her lips. He came a little closer to her as he raised his hand to press his palm against her cheek while glancing over at the huddled group. “All I want is for you to be safe. It’s raining, one of your Pokemon just fainted from a battle and you have no potions or revives. I don’t want you getting hurt, Mars. I know what happened at the Spear Pillar two years ago and the thought of almost losing you...”

“But Saturn,” Mars piped up as she interrupted him. “We could fight Team Dark together. I could fight with you side by side. I’m not as strong as you but I can still fight. You can guide me. Just tell me what attack to use and I’ll do it…”

However, before Mars could finish her sentence, Saturn heard a Team Dark member shouting out a command.

“Magneton, use thundershock!” The grunt commanded.

Saturn quickly turned to see the magnet Pokemon floating towards him with its power charging. The blue haired man stood up as he assumed protective mode and stretched his arms out in front of Mars. Glaring at his opponent, the commander shouted out a command to his Pokemon, who was at the ready to go.

“Now Toxicroak, use brick break!” Saturn shouted as he pointed toward his opponent’s Pokemon. “Mars, either you go back inside or you stay behind me and don’t make any movements.”

“B-but Saturn, wait!” the commander shouted as she quickly got herself up. “Please…”

Saturn harshly shushed her as he turned to the scene. His toxicroak dug his heels into the ground as he lept from the ground and proceeded execute a sift chop at the foe’s magneton. As Saturn’s pokemon landed on his feet, the linked magnet fell to the ground as the Team Dark member looked around in shock. He took out a poke ball to return his Pokemon as he gave a defeated expression. A few of the other members started to leave as the commanders turned to each other and smiled.

“Saturn, we did it!” Mars exclaimed as she threw her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Yes, we did,” Saturn whispered as he kissed her on the cheek. “Now, I know that Steve and Jupiter already fended off their half. Why don’t you go inside and have them dry you off while I watch these four guys, okay?”

Mars got down as she smiled at the blue haired commander. She nodded as she took out two poke balls to return her brongzong and coragunk. She then began to walk towards the Galactic building with her bag and purugly in tow. Saturn watched her leave to be sure that she’d make it in safely. Once assured that her mate was going to be alright by himself, Mars turned towards the building and rushed towards the door. However, as she began to twist the knob…


A green light illuminated the outside of the building as a loud zapping sound could be heard. Even though it nearly made her jump, the girl turned around to see what caused such a reaction. From there, the commander froze as she couldn’t believe what she saw. Saturn was… gone. He vanished, leaving his toxicroak behind. Near the four Team Dark members was an older woman dressed in a different outfit than the grunts. She wore a skintight one piece jumper with a blue letter D on the corner. Her brown hair was tied back and she was standing next to a yellow Pokemon that Mars had never seen this team use. The abra just floated beside her master as the woman smirked at the Galactic commander.

“Go back inside, my dear child,” the woman said smugly. “Or else you’ll end up like your little blue boyfriend who tried to get in our way!”

Mars ran down the steps and towards Team Dark. Her fists her balled as she began pumping them. She felt as if her face was about to burn and she had fire in her eyes. She gave the older woman a menacing glare as the Team Dark member herself began to chuckle.

“W-who are you?” Mars started to ask as the fumes were burning in her ruby reds. “Where’s Saturn?!”

“Oh, how cute. The wittle kid is angwy,” the woman mocked as she laughed. “Well little lady, I’m one of three super administrators. My name’s Aida! As for that blue haired kid I used my abra to teleport him to our flagship. You know, you should thank him. Because of him, we have no further use of you or that pink haired little brat.”

Mars began to shake as she proceeded to walk towards Aida, glaring menacingly. While the super administrator just crossed her arms and laughed, Saturn’s toxicroak assumed his trainer’s protective stance and jumped right in front of Mars to keep her from going any further. The commander was still shaking as the other members began to leave the scene, leaving the higher up member. As she gruffly turned, she said one last thing.

“Cute. Even that Pokemon knows you are a weakling and you say you’re strong? Dream on little girl!” she said smugly. “I advise you to stay away. Stay out of Team Dark’s way. Don’t go chasing after us because you wanna wescue your boyfriend. This is your last warning.”

As she left, tears were starting to well in her eyes. They took Saturn away from her and it brought up bad memories. Memories from three years ago when Team Galactic’s former boss was taken from her into the Distortion World. As these thoughts consumed her, she started to feel rage. If only she were stronger, just a little stronger, this would have never happened. If only she had the power to defeat Team Dark, she could have protected him for a change. Just like with Master Cyrus, if only she was stronger, he wouldn’t have been taken from her.

She could feel the fire burning inside her heart as these thoughts consumed her mind. Then, Mars decided… despite Aida’s threats, she was going to get Saturn back and didn’t care about the danger she was getting herself in. She already lost one person who was important to her and was not about to lose another. So, she ran into the city to track down their flagships. “You know, if only I were a bit stronger… just maybe, I would have prevented Saturn from being taken away from me…’ she thought as she ran into the pouring rain into the edge of Castelia City, where a bridge was ahead. While she ran toward the bridge, she looked up and could see a large fleet a ships going toward the bridge. As she went into the tunnel, she screamed out his name a couple of time. She was determined to catch up to Team Dark, no matter the cost. She wanted to be the one to rescue her loved one for a change and she had all the willpower to do so.

However, because it was raining, Mars started to get really cold and somewhat dizzy as she finally reached Skyarrow Bridge. As she got on to the bridge, she started to run faster than ever. The rain however, made it difficult for Mars to see the ships as she began to get frustrated. Finally, she couldn’t see them anymore and she stopped in the middle of the bridge, ignoring the fact that cars were passing by. She struggled to catch her breath as water was beginning to get into her nose. She then used the last bit of energy she had to call out for her partner again.

“Saturn!” Mars screamed out as she looked up at the sky.

She started to get weak as she became light headed and her legs felt like they wouldn’t support her as she fell to the ground. Once she had hit the ground, she instantly blacked out.

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