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    Originally Posted by FIQ View Post
    I understand, and I guess that makes sense.
    I'm running Nokia N900, which comes with a 600MHz processor. Even though I can overclock it, running 1GHz is a bit pushing it to the limit (kernel supports 1.15GHz as theoretical max, and that's *not recommended at all*)
    Maemo isn't Android, so stuff at play store doesn't run without a very scary work-around with extremly limited compatibility for things.

    I guess that I'll basically have to live with the GB Player sounding decent, but not "perfect" as on desktop VBA. It's not *that* bad, it's just noticeably wrong.
    Well that's what you get for using a Nokia phone!

    Seriously, though, I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help. As I said before, I'm pretty clueless on how Maemo works, and I figure that looking any more into it won't lead to me being much more informed.

    And yeah, don't push your processor to 1GHz if it's only meant to run at 600MHz! I'd imagine your phone would melt if it were overclocked to that!

    You can always try desktop VBA-M again if you want. You never know, it might work at full speed this time. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the hack anyways. Look at it this way: my 8-bit songs will still probably sound better in the emulator for Maemo than the ones in HG/SS do natively!
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