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    Being that I was stuck home alone yesterday, I made a lot of progress in my adventure. Since fighting Falkner and winning with Isaac and Diana by my side, I have collected two badges and added three permanent team members.

    My first new Pokemon was a Water-type I hooked on an Old Rod I obtained just before heading into Union Cave. This Pokemon happens to be Kate, my Tentacool. She hasn't seen much action in my Gym battles so far, but she's a strong team member who will soon be able to ferry me across water with her Surf technique.

    By the time I hit Ecruteak, I decided to do a little Pokemon breeding of my own. The results? Mads, the Skarmory who defeated Whitney's Miltank almost singlehandedly, is actually my second-lowest leveled team member after Jet, the newly-hatched Meowth who sports a useful Hypnosis attack.

    Right now I am training my roster up in the Burned Tower to prepare for my Gym battle against Morty:

    Jet the Meowth (Jolly male, Lv. 13)

    Kate the Tentacool (Sassy female, Lv. 20)

    Diana the Smoochum (Timid female, Lv. 20)

    Mads the Skarmory (Careful male, Lv. 19)

    Isaac the Quilava (Timid male, Lv. 25)
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