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    “What is it you fear, my dragonkin?” Glacia’s voice was as cold and as smooth as ice, her tone causing the Gabite to shiver in response as he kept a comfortable pace behind her. They had been walking for sometime through the forest now. Not many other Pokemon had crossed their path. It was a quiet, almost serene escape, not unlike Siberia in that regard. Yet, no more than a few miles in any direction, the sprawl and filth of mankind was evident. The mere thought of it was repugnant for Glacia.

    “F-fear? I’m not sure what you mean,” The Gabite called after her, his voice as inquisitive as ever.

    “You know, the state of being afraid, dread, apprehension. I seriously have to wonder about your upbringing if you don’t understand a simple word such as fear.” She turned to him and stared searchingly into his eyes.

    “I know what fear is!” He shouted at her in a rage, a nearby nest of Pidgey scattered at the sudden increase in noise level. “I simply don’t understand the question. I-”

    “It’s a pretty simple question,” Glacia interrupted him, her indifference perceivable as ever. “Either you are afraid of something or you’re not. Most are afraid of being alone, dying. You know, the usual. So, what about you?”

    “I don’t see what the hell this has to do RDM!” He ran up to her and held one of his talons against her throat. The tip dug into her flesh ever so slightly, but not enough to cause any real discomfort. He held this position for a few seconds, Glacia made no effort to move. Her face seemed like she was almost bored by this turn of events. She had a feeling that she was in no real danger, and even if she was, she felt confident that a good ice beam could handle him should things escalate.

    “I never said it did have anything do to with RDM, now did I?” She scoffed at him, her complexion portraying nothing but calm. “It was a simple question, nothing more.” Glacia shuffled back, her body coiling around itself as she did so. “You need to learn to control that temper of yours. I must say, it is most unbecoming. Anger has a time and a place and towards your fellow Pokemon is never it. Creatures react differently to stress, Pokemon and humans alike. As you did, some react with aggression. They come out fighting, ready to prove themselves.” Glacia rested her head on her body, her eyes pointing skyward as if trying to read the heavens.

    “Your reaction told me more about you than any answer of yours would ever be able to.” She refocused on him, a small smirk crossing her usually stoic face. “I personally don’t care what makes you piss your den at night.”

    “Is there a point to any of this? Or are you just here to cause me annoyance?” He approached her again, this time sitting down beside her. His gaze surveyed their surroundings, they seemed to have walked into a clearing. A wide swath of trees had been removed and appeared as if they had been burnt.

    “There’s a point to everything. Nothing is by happenstance. If you are going to join me in liberating our own kind, you must first understand our enemy. In order to understand our enemy, you must understand yourself.” Again she looked to the sky, almost as if waiting for a sign or checking the sun’s position. “I have need of you.”

    “What could you possibly need from me?” He questioned her cautiously, his eyes trying to read whatever it was she was looking for in the sky.

    “I need a partner. For lack of a better option, I have decided that you are good enough. A little insipid, a bit naive, but I think with the right tutelage, you would be serviceable.” An awkward silence overcame them both as she concluded so matter of factly. It was as if she presented him no choice in the matter.

    “B-but, you know nothing about me!” He stammered, something that was common for him when caught off guard. “Hell, you don’t even know my name!”

    “Well, I won’t shed any tears if you get captured then. But, if you insist on me knowing your name, please feel free to share. I’m Glacia by the way.”

    “Glacia? Strange name...” He paused, almost as if he was weighing the thought of actually giving her his name. “I’m Apollo,” he finally relented and reciprocated.

    “Well, Apollo. You’ve taken your first steps into a larger world. I also assume by your lack of refusal, that you intend to join me after all. Told you so.” She smirked at him, her gaze breaking away from the sky once again. Apollo simply growled in mild irritation. Glacia often had that effect on others, it brought her a small bit of enjoyment.

    “So...what are we waiting for?”

    “Him.” Glacia point her tail towards the sky. Nothing appeared at first, yet Glacia seemed so certain as to the presence of another being. It was the sound of flapping that first became tangible. Strong, powerful thrusts as the air rushed down upon them. Apollo braced himself as he heard the powerful, echoing roar from above. A large Charizard hovered in place over them, his descent slow and controlled. He landed with a thud no more than a few feet away.

    “Come, our ride is here. We have work to do.”
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