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    Originally Posted by krazzikk View Post
    Lol I had no idea moody was banned beyond ubers so I was lead to believe you meant Bibarel was in ubers :P


    But I concur with that statement. Bibarel is pretty cool in my opinion. He has a really cute persona and design and another evolution would make him completely viable! In NU tier battling Musharna's are pesky little pokes with their stupid calm mind spam /baton pass. With Bibarel's Unaware ability, he can cut through all that BS. He may not be that effective against Musharna himself as the only viable move he has against Musharna is Hidden Power Dark :\

    But, in conclusion I think a new evolution in the Bibarel line would be ultra exciting for me, being a sort of newbie competitive battler, and Bibarel would finally be a nice choice in a team.

    Long live !!!
    While I'm not a huge competitive battler, I still think that Bibarel is nothing better than an HM slave. Maybe a new evo would make him like the equivilant of an Azumarill, but probably nothing more. Unless they went all out and made him have stats equivilant to Arceus or something.
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