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    Region to start off with

    I'd have to pick Johto, reviewing the regions over and over I've come to the conclusion that Johto is my favourite.

    Where in that region would be your hometown?

    I'd love to start off at Cianwood city. The perfect beginning, staring out into the sea and at the sunset, with the cool ocean breeze enveloping my very being. And next to me, my partner Pokemon stares out as well, both dreaming of an adventure that awaits.

    Assuming you recieved your partner as an Egg, what would it be?

    A difficult question indeed. I suppose if I had to choose, I'd have a Cyndaquil as my partner Pokemon, never evolving it if it was female, but evolving it fully if it was male.

    What nickname would you give him/her?

    If it was a female, it would be Jane. If male, it would be Raika.
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