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Golden Catacombs

No one was in a particularly talkative mood as the newest revelation hit them. Noctus Gamble. Galleon Gamble. It was too fitting to be a coincidence. Zane clenched his fists, but said nothing, in fact nothing was heard momentarily among the Gold Tribe except the slight giggling and laughter of Defender. And although his deteriorating condition wasn't in the best moment, Zane found himself momentarily not thinking too much on it. He looked at Guardia, who hung her head low. She had known Noctus the best and longest out of the group, so to her it must have been the hardest. Eventually, TrueStriker broke the silence in between Defender's episode and the silence.

"Well, the way I see it," Hanso began, "we have two problems, more if anyone else thinks of any. First, we know that Auron's possessed by the crystal's prisoner, or something. The book I found described a 'chaos form', which I suspect is what happened with Ignitus. Lyn, you and whoever else was fighting with you would know better if you read what I found."

Guardia's head shot up at the realization. "Yea! It makes sense. That 'chaos form' ability must have been what I say. So its another power he can do."

Zane nodded in agreement. It seemed safe to assume that the Order of Neoverse chaos form ability of 100 years ago was part of the being in the Silver Crystal's power. In other words, a possible problem if he could do it to the other Sentinels as well.

Hanso paused, straightening as he kept his face neutral. "The other problem is Noctus. Personally, I'd say we get proof first. Whether he started this mess or not, we need to find and confront him, find out for sure."

"Mmm...I think I agree." Gallant began. "I don't know the guy myself since I wasn't in your group, but from what I've seen on the battlefield, I can't say if he's behind it for sure. We'll need some proof to be 100% sure."

Zane agreed with this as well with a nod, and he honestly hope in reality that it weren't true, but too many things were pointing to this at the moment. For now, he could only hope that it wasn't true. He assumed time will tell for sure. But the main problem was another think now. Zane stepped forward and read aloud another part of the documents just to reiterate a point.

"As for the Gold Crystal, I had it hidden myself. I have vowed to never tell another soul of its location, except my successor as leader. They are to vow to only tell their successor, and so the cycle will go on. The knowledge of the Gold Crystal and Silver Crystal will pass from Gold Tribe leader to Gold Tribe leader, just in case the worst will come to pass." He finished reading the part and looked up at them.

"The main problem here is that we have no idea where the Gold Crystal is. Auron was supposed to be the heir...and now-"

"Not quite." Guardia interrupted. "I'm not completely sure, but...I think I may know where the Gold Crystal is." Zane looked at her, waiting for her to elaborate. "Back when I was a girl, dad took me on a trip to Cape City. Said he had something important to show me. He showed me all around Cape City, as well as Ancient City below it. During that whole trip, he showed me a few specific cool object, but one specifically he seemed to put a lot more time in showing was a...gem or jewel of some kind. I didn't really understand it then, but I think that was the Gold Crystal."

Zane nodded, connected the dots. Back when she was a little girl, Rey must have thought that Guardia would grow up to take over the Gold Tribe, as the Reed family had been leaders for over 200 years. He couldn't have known that Guardia would grow up and turn out to be the best candidate. Back then, he must have been going by tradition. Either way, it was a stroke of luck, and it gave the Gold Tribe a location.

"Actually, it was the same day dad introduced me to you and your family." She recalled. Zane smiled in recollection as well. He must have only been about 9 or ten when she was 6 or 7. Zane's grandfather was an old friend of the Gold Tribe and Rey must have been checking in on him since he had recently retired. That day, he met Lyn and Rey. He remembered being so nervous meeting the leader of the Gold Tribe.

Zane suddenly snapped back into reality, wiping away his smile on his face at the recollections. He became serious once more.

"So, what's the plan now?" Speculum asked.

"Well..." Zane began, looking over everything in his hands once more to make sure he had gotten the story straight. "...the new plan seems to be in correlation with the old one. Our job is still to free Valkaria through the liberation of its main cities. We need to free Cape City. In the process, we can retrieve the Gold Crystal as well. After's Gold City, and Auron. And then maybe this madness will all be put to an end."

The way he said it made it seem much easier than it was going to be. Zane knew for a fact that these would be the two toughest battles they face. Still, it was comforting to know that in reality, only two main steps remained.

"We'll also be on the lookout for Noctus during this time. If we find him, we'll find out the truth with certainty. But something tells me that we won't likely find him as he finds us..." He said, clenching his fists once more. He composed himself, and continued. "I think its best that we go to Cape City without the army. We'll be able to scout out the situation in Cape City, and report back information to the army, while also being able to secure the Gold Crystal more easily without drawing too much attention to ourselves. I say now, we go back to Albia, pack up our necessities quickly, and be on the move to Cape. There's much to be done, and I think we've learned all we can here."

"HOLD!" A voice said from behind them. Zane turned to see the Alakazam from before standing there, his had extended outward to them. Zane had partially forgotten about the Pokemon in all of this discovery. "Hold." He said again, still keeping his arm up.

"Yes?" Zane asked.

"I did not realize you were apart of THAT group." He said, beginning to pace back and forth. "I should have forseen it probably, but so many come through here with their problems. I did not know that your problem happened to be that problem...allow me to accompany you outside. You will most likely need my counsel. And quite honestly, I haven't been outside in....well, let us just say it has been a while...I think..." He murmured to himself, as Zane, once more looked over the documents and checked on something. He remembered that mentions of an Alakazam actually did happen in the records. In fact, in both mentions, they were detailed quite a long time ago. 100 years ago was the first mention. That might be the case that this Pokemon was the same one, but Zane wasn't sure. The other mention was...Year 34 AFV...over 2000 years ago. There was no way this could have been the same Pokemon, could it? Either way, Zane could see the benefit of having someone like the Alakazam, a potential wealth of knowledge, with them. Despite his age (whatever that was...) he seemed healthy enough to be able to move on his own.

The others did not seem to have much problem with it, so Zane nodded, and the Alakazam began to follow them out of the Catacombs, though he walked a bit further back than the others. As they passed through the front doors again, the more recent and urgent problems seemed to make their presence known in Zane's mind. Zane knew he would need all of the Gold Tribe for this colossal undertaking. The question was, were all of them up for the task, both physically and mentally? Zane looked over them as they prepared to make their way back to Albia. Most held heavy or thoughtful looks on their face, except Defender, who Zane was a bit more worried about.

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