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Originally Posted by electricbunny View Post
Thanx for the reply Sydian.
I did ask on pokecheck but they all simply ignored me... They were debating on whether someone else's pokes were hacked or not and being very rude and using bad language... even the "operator" uses bad language and insults other people o.O
so yeah i didnt dare post my message again lol.
Talking on the Pokecheck shoutbox is usually a waste of time (albeit entertaining to read), it's mostly just people linking their crappy hacks asking if they're legit and Hozu raging at them.

Anyways, they're not considered illegal. You're safe to use them on the GTS and Random Matchup etc. (I'm not sure about tournaments, tbh) I don't recommend trading a strain you know is hacked, though. Some people don't like it.
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