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Originally Posted by Empathy View Post
Off-topic: But now? Unova? Half of the new Pokemon are just disgusting to me. Maybe I just have to get used to them, and I've tried, but I don't even know half the names of the Pokemon or even what animals they are supposed to represent. A coffin? An icecream? I never knew they were animals
I agree completely and I don't think B/W 2 are going to be much better. But Pearl's pokémon were different -- they had life and you could notice the effort they had put into most of them. Though Pachirisu was just like Pikachu, only they changed it's shape from a mouse to a squirrel and made it white instead of yellow. Otherwise it had the same facial detail, they are both electric type and their names are not much different from each other.

So yes, I enjoyed the wonderful fourth generation pokémon. A few had their flaws, but no where near as many as the fifth gen. Lillipup and Herdier are a perfect example. I mean, why just place a dog in the game and call it a pokémon? The same goes to a lot more of B/W. The story line and all that was okay and that's what kept me from hating PB. That and Snivy. He was awesome. :D
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