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[SIZE="4"]Aina Martis

Needless to say, Aina was incredibly shocked by such a display of eccentricity. She was like no one Aina had ever seen, nor was she like anyone she'd ever read about. She was truly unique in Aina's eyes, and this made her wonder about how secluded she actually was. Were most people outside of her house so interesting? Was this normal and she was the eccentric one? Were the people in the books the fantastical ones, the ones purely born from fiction and exagerrations of the real human? Her face turned red with embarrassment, thinking she would stand out for her quietness and disorientation.

She looked to the tray and scanned over the pokeballs that had been presented to her. The one that stood out to her was a rather interesting one, at least, to her. Its color scheme was simple, black and blue, but she found it to be so interesting. Few pokemon looked like this one, and it certainly looked strong enough to protect her. She picked up the pokeball from the tray and the pokemon, from inside, seemed to smile. She looked at the nameplate and it said "Riolu". She sounded out the name several different ways, unsure exactly which one was correct.

"Just give it a name, then you won't have to worry about pronouncing it." Vayne said without looking back, seemingly giggling at Aina's failed attempts to pronounce the pokemon's name. "It's pronounced "R eye O lU' is how it's pronounced, by the way."

"O-oh..." She said, jarred by her mistake. " about..." She tried to decipher gender. She studied its mannerisms, the way it moved, smiled, and talked, to figure out what it was. She then made a guess and said, "I've got it, Matei, it's nice to meet you." The Riolu, now named Matei, looked at Aina with a curious look about it. "I-I'm sorry, did I guess wrong?" Matei continued to simply look up at Aina until finally it smiled in approval. Aina smiled in return and walked over to Professor Vayne. " Vayne, I've chosen my pokemon."
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