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    Originally Posted by von Weltschmerz View Post
    You're kinda answering your own question...

    But anyway... this is why drugs, especially marijuana are to be legal:

    The legalization of the drug(or any) would ensure that people are taught about it, properly. It would ensure that they got the facts, not the scare tactics. On both sides of the spectrum, people would no longer be able to propagate ludicrous claims about marijuana. Instead of lobbying for ways to get it banned... they would lobby for ways to make it safer. People would actively be seeking to ensure that when you smoke marijuana... you're doing it on the safest terms possible, rather than on the dangerous terms that the illegality forces upon many of us. I don't think I need to list out such situations... but here are some(especially for the harder drugs):

    1.)Drugs laced with other drugs. Not common at all with marijuana or cheaper drugs. They would be losing profit. But it happens on the more expensive scale/harder drug scale.
    2.)Hardcore drugs cut with materials unfit for human consumption that cause all sorts of tars and impurities. I mean... Cocaine is bad either way, but 99% pure cocaine will get you A LOT higher for A LOT less. It also doesn't have things like baking powder that you are either smoking or snorting.
    3.)Dealing with dangerous dealers. Obviously, people who deal with drugs(I'm talking on a bit of an organized level) are going to do what the can to ensure that the get what they need/want. Obviously enough... there is a lot of gang and drug related violence that is interconnected. The "drug train."
    4.)Unfit materials. Dirty needles, home-made aluminum pipes, unconventional ethanol(i.e. by burning hand sanitizer). All of those contribute only negatively to our health.

    If drugs were legalized.. all of these would cease to problems; If drugs were legalized, that means that companies could actually work to produce to them. That means that safety standards would be put into effect. Federally recognized inspectors would make sure the facilities are operating in ways that have our health in their best interests. We would, instead of getting our fix from that skeevy down the street, be able to go to the store(maybe not the grocery store, but A store) and buy clean, safe(in comparison to what you would obtain) drugs. A lot of people want to quit... but don't know how to come forward. They don't want to be judged, hated, etc. jailed, even. If it were legal, a lot more people would come out of the woodwork for help.

    So then.. to answer your question simply? As you noted, it was unfeasible to ban alcohol. That when it happened... people drank anyway. Marijuana is pretty much the same. It's illegal and people are STILL smoking. They are going to smoke it regardless of what the law says. At least by legalizing it, you can ensure that they are doing so safely.,8599,1893946,00.html

    I agree with this, to a certain extent.

    I mean first off... I suppose making Marijuana legal just to teach people about the effects of it, or help people who use it medicinally is a good idea.

    On the other hand, there are such people which would abuse the substance for personal pleasure.

    Let's put it this way. Is it legal for the state of Florida to pass around Marijuana without medicinal use? No. Does that stop the people from using it? No. Whether it's legal or not really has no effect on whether or not people will use it, just HOW MANY people use it. The demographic only enlargens because it's legal, and therefore a lesser probability of being caught.

    Maybe one of the statements you have I don't agree with is the text I outlined in cyan. We don't need another outbreak of drugs/alcohol. There are already too many companies developing Cigars and Beers, which pass off commercials that like to pretend that their running an honest business instead of a factory which produces poison. I'm not implying that Weed is a poison, but it's going to become engrossed in the same market, and be passed off as such.

    I don't want Weed to be the next best 'hit' of American customs, which is why I'm thankful it didn't get any farther than Colorado or Washington.


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