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Originally Posted by Hyper Chibi Absol View Post
>.<+ Ok um.. Can I please have some help with my XSE? I'm still trying to fix the problem I have with my "pokeball" item because I was trying to change a PP UP to a Sunstone but now it won't do anything. I'm trying to change the script and offset (I looked up the free space and came up with this script)

#dynamic 0x800100

#org @start
giveitem 0x5D 0x1 0x0

But for some reason when I go to click debug, it says "Unknown keyword "end" at line 5". I looked up someones tutorial on how to make scripts (though they were for Fire Red/Leaf Green and I'm using Ruby but I didn't think that mattered)

Can someone please help?
I don't see any problem with what you are using, I don't know why it would not know what "end" is. It lets me compile your script just fine without errors. What version of XSE are you using? It sounds like its an issue on your end.