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Originally Posted by joseph92411 View Post
I've been having trouble with my emerald hack. How do I change the posistion of the Mom when you first go into your house and she shows you the TV.
Your mother's position is set by a levelscript when you enter that map so all you have to do is change it. You can open the level script by going into the header tab of that map in Advance Map, select the appropriate map script (it should have the script type 03 with an offset of 0x1F77A4). Change the command 'movesprite2 0x1 0x4 0x5' to whatever you want, where 0x4 and 0x5 are the X and Y coordinates respectively (eg 'movesprite2 0x1 0x1 0x3' if you want her to be in front of the sink).

Originally Posted by Maximo v.2 View Post
Rom freezing problem...

Sooo yeh I'm having to write this on my phone and inbox it to my facebook then copy and paste it to here since a cup of tea happened to fall on my keyboard, so I would really appretiate a straight answer so I can avoid such a long process to reply...

Anyway I've been in the process of hacking a fire red rom for my brother as a christmas present, I've easily enough figured out how to map and change movement permissions also how to set up warps for new house's so I'm not a total noob but after a test run I make it up to the point just after the man teaches you how to catch a pokemon and try yo walk up to the next route but the game freeze's...any explanation why? Would really really appretiate it!...

Thank you...
It sounds like that specific map has been corrupted in some way so it is hard to correct unless there is detailed information. The easiest way that I find to 'fix' a map which has become unplayable yet you don't know what's wrong is to follow these steps:
  • Open it in AdvanceMap
  • Goto 'File > Map > Save Map As' and save it as a .map file
  • Reopen the map from that .map file by going 'File > Map > Open Map'
  • Insert the map by going 'File > Map > Insert Map'
  • Input the map bank and map number that the map originally had under the 'replace map' section - In your case if it is is Route 2 then it would be map bank 3, map number 20
  • Click 'replace' and you should get a message saying it has been replaced successfully

A side effect of this is that is placed into the Pallet Town map folder, but this can be easily corrected:
  • Open the map and go into the header tab
  • Open the dropdown box of town/ route names at the top and select where you want to move it to
  • Refresh Advance Map (F5) and now it should be in its chosen loacation

Hopefully all of this helps. It sounds like a lot, but it isn't too hard - Just be sure to make a back up of your game before trying this out for the first time.

Originally Posted by Hyper Chibi Absol View Post
>.<+ Ok um.. Can I please have some help with my XSE? I'm still trying to fix the problem I have with my "pokeball" item because I was trying to change a PP UP to a Sunstone but now it won't do anything. I'm trying to change the script and offset (I looked up the free space and came up with this script)

#dynamic 0x800100

#org @start
giveitem 0x5D 0x1 0x0

But for some reason when I go to click debug, it says "Unknown keyword "end" at line 5". I looked up someones tutorial on how to make scripts (though they were for Fire Red/Leaf Green and I'm using Ruby but I didn't think that mattered)

Can someone please help?
That sounds like a textbook case of using an outdated version of XSE - Anything below v1.1.1 is pretty buggy and has trouble with even basic commands like what you're experiencing. Here's a link to a better version.