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    Originally Posted by imevil View Post
    User: Imevil
    Game: White

    Normal: Tarous
    Fight: Lucario
    Fly: Scyther
    Poison: Nidking
    Ground: Exadrill
    Rock: Aerodactyl
    Bug: Scyther
    Ghost: Gengar
    Steel: Scizor
    Fire: Typhlosion
    Water: Empoleon
    Grass: Breloom
    Electric: Electivire
    Psychic: Lugia
    Ice: Weaville
    Dragon: Dragonite
    Dark: Zoarark
    thanks not how it have to make a list of 6 Pokemon of each Type that are the rules a bit more and I dont' tihnk you can put the same pokemon on 2 different lines...


    Defeated Roxie
    Defeated Burgh
    Made my way to Nimbasa wonder out to Route 5 to capture team member 5, Xavi the Gothita (Male Gothita) lol
    Went back to heal up everyone, trainined everyone
    Rode the Ferris Wheel with a hiker guy
    Wondered into the gym and defated the trainers...where Xavi evolved before the gym leader to Gothorita
    I lost 3 times to Elesea before finally winning...major weakness to flying...the 4th time was the charm
    Plus a few more evolutions
    Infernape.png SEperior.png\

    Name: Shamzie
    Badges: 4
    Team Level: 35-40
    Game: Blaze black 2 on Challenge Mode

    Taila the Serperior (Shiny)
    Gender: Female
    Level: 38
    Ability: Contrary
    Moves: Coil/DragonBreath/Leaf Tornado/Leech Seed

    Xavi the Gothita
    Gender: Male (shrug...oh well)
    Level 36
    Ability: Magic Bounce
    Moves: Psyshock/Dark Pulse/Heal Block/Recover

    Bastra the Infernape
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Level: 40
    Moves: Mach Punch/Flame Wheel/Close Combat/Leer

    Elana the Sealeo
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Ice Body
    Level: 37
    Mioves: Powder Snow/Aurora Beam/Swagger/Water Gun

    Asheli the Beedrill
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Swarm
    Level: 38
    Moves: Cross Poison/Toxic Spikes/X-Scissor/Agility

    This game is a very tough...but I love it

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