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Originally Posted by Maximo v.2 View Post
Rom freezing problem...

Sooo yeh I'm having to write this on my phone and inbox it to my facebook then copy and paste it to here since a cup of tea happened to fall on my keyboard, so I would really appretiate a straight answer so I can avoid such a long process to reply...

Anyway I've been in the process of hacking a fire red rom for my brother as a christmas present, I've easily enough figured out how to map and change movement permissions also how to set up warps for new house's so I'm not a total noob but after a test run I make it up to the point just after the man teaches you how to catch a pokemon and try yo walk up to the next route but the game freeze's...any explanation why? Would really really appretiate it!...

Thank you...
Only thing I can think of offhand is that if the point where it freezes is where a script tile is supposed to be, make sure the "Var number" in AdvanceMap is set to 4051.