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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Joining! Username is obvious but you can all call me Erica. n_n

Your Favorite Pony: I... I guess Twilight Sparkle? Or Rainbow Dash? I don't really have a favourite. I love most of them.
Additional Information: I originally expected to hate MLP:FIM because I was never a fan of MLP growing up at all but the animation is really pretty so I kept watching it and before I knew it I was hooked. n_n Got my roommate into it so he and I watch the episodes together.

Anyway! I did not enjoy the season opener at all and was scared I might want to drop the series this season if that level of quality kept up but I really enjoyed the Pinkie Pie episode from this week so crisis averted! I'm surprised I liked it so much because I generally dislike Pinkie Pie's episodes (I think she's the only one I don't like in the Mane 6) so yay!
I'll put you on the Twilight Sparkle list. :D Welcome, Erica! ^___^

I was a bit mixed on the season opener too as I wasn't all too convinced on the new enemy. I felt that it should have more emphasis on his plan rather than more focused on what the ponies would do imo.

I did watch the Pinkie Pie episode earlier today. HILARIOUS, I must say. xD

Anyways, everypony! Think I should start a topic if y'all don't mind!

What's everyone's favorite song from the series?

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