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letting the water cash over his head.
"Crash", I think... unless that Goldeen knows Pay Day xD

Seriously, Ringo could go on to be the world's greatest songwriting Pokemon

Rick words were still buzzing around in his ears

just because Mommy was Champion, that makes you the greatest Gym leader in the world, but it doesn’t.
OH NO YOU DIDN'T just involve her mama, Ricky-boy!

No one wants to make pokémon the whole focus of their life.
This is the one part of his rant that I do agree with though. After all, it's why Lisa's gone from using her Persian to using her .40 handgun and the front bumper of her Buick to fight her battles

So finally we have the big battle! In it, Michael clearly tried to use carefully planned strategy as much as he could, but there were obvious times where he was caught off guard and had to resort to brute force (which is something you asked me about in the drafts IIRC). I like that bit, because everybody knows that even the best laid plans can get a wrench thrown in and you have to adapt. And it might not have been pretty all the time, but Michael was able to adapt. But damn that is one fast little Croagunk xD

Oh, Rick, Rick, Rick... you have much to learn. The whole thing about listening to feedback aside, it should be obvious to anyone that you don't talk smack about a person IN THE PLACE WHERE THEY WORK unless you intend to say it to their face. The odds of said person hearing it are pretty high. Anyway, some pretty harsh words there, but in reality, I've said worse to my own parents (though nothing about their mama because that would be my grandma and she was awesome).

Still, one wonders, if the attitudes and goals hadn't changed over the years, if trainers were still about the effort instead of about results and battle records, then perhaps Lona wouldn't have adopted the cold exterior that she has. She might have been able to be herself - or rather, the person who she was and still is under all those layers.

But then he took it away. In a matter of seconds, he had wrecked yet another person’s care for him, had ruined yet another thing that he could have done right. And the more Michael thought about it, the more he realized it was all he had ever been good at.
And looks like Lona isn't the only one to have their tough exterior begin to crack. Speaking of which, I wonder if Michael's conscience is calling him to check in with how things are doing back home. I don't believe he's called back once after storming off. Ah, but how would his mother react if he did? Would she forgive him for his past attitude or had things between them gone past the point of no return? That last sentence of the chapter could be hinting at the answer, though...

And Bertha finally got that signature she needed. Looks like she also needed Lona to remind her of what the focus of her petition should be, so maybe the League can actually improve instead of just getting more money to throw around at whatever.

But yes! Onward to the next town!

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