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    Your method is not efficient, because only one person can work on animations at once. With exporting animations, everyone can pick and choose which ones to load into their game, in which order, and allows everyone to work on their own animations at once without fear of disrupting someone else's work.

    Plus, animations are converted from the Database into a (somewhat) different format which is used both in the game and the Animation Editor. If you don't want to learn at least how to export an animation from the Animation Editor (which is easy, by the way), then, well...

    Yes, the Animation Editor is a little clunky, but it can do practically everything that the Database Editor can do, plus more things on top of that. It also shows you exactly what you'll get from an animation. The Database Editor is simply obsolete. As I said, you can use the Database Editor to "sketch" your animations if you want, but when it comes to sharing them you really should export them individually from the Animation Editor.
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