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    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
    I originally planned the city to be connected to Area 125 just like that but then figured it would be more interesting and realistic to make Area 125 have an entrance to Underground Tunnel leading to the city as the city is surrounded by high mountains.
    Two words: Vantrek City. In diego's "Shining Opal" beta. You head along Route 1, enter a cave, and come out the other side still on Route 1 (I suggested renaming the Route, possibly Vantrek Mountain). There isn't a lot of space to travel and no wild grass, but Vantrek City does have a long entrance-type area in the mountain and come down a couple of stairways at the top and bottom; it doesn't just pop up from underground like a sore thumb.

    It also exits into Route 2 to the south as a normal exit. That Route does also eventually meet the mountains and goes over them, which literally circle around the city and also invade upon what in the beta is labeled as Route 16 (where your travel is blocked off) and more mountains as the north border of the city (no exit); if it were in an official game, it could have the motto "マウンテンシティ" (The Mountain City).

    Again, it's just a personal opinion that a city completely enclosed like this could not be the biggest city in the region. If it's indeed the biggest city in the region, its residents should be doing something to better connect it with the outside world - like Vantrek City.

    I suggest the same kind of treatment here. Have the cave in the middle of Area 125. Even have a little wild grass between it and the city. Mountain borders in other spots is perfectly fine and realistic.

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