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Originally Posted by solrecon111 View Post
Quickster, this is an amazing tutorial but one thing I can't seem to do is actual apply it in to Advance Map. It would just appear as the original palette. I would use the emerald male hero as an example. Everything works, it shows up in Overworld Editor rebirth as the new palette but when I put it in advanced map it would show up as palette 0x06 and not 0x32. In NSE it doesn't work either that it can't load the new palette.
You have to change the INI in NSE or OWE for it to show the new palettes (to the new palette table that JPAN made in his patch). Also, it won't show in A-map, but it will show in game. You have to change the OW's palette number in a hex editor though, to change it in the first place.
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