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    Hey there pokemon rom hackers..I'm Chris2Ash...I'm also have been a pokemon rom hacker
    almost a year now...And I'm create this group to make my skills to test with my fellow friends..
    I'm also created a pokemon rom but not fully completed...I hacked my rom all by myself..So I
    have been bored doing it alone..So i'm gonna make my rom completed with my friends..And I
    will have so much fun doing it..So I created this group to find some help and friends to make
    our rom completed together..

    Current Project
    Pokemon The Lost Item

    The Main Character received a new mission to gather all 5 pieces of treasures so he can find what's happening to the legendary pokemon that goes on rage to other pokemon..The main character will face many obstacle to get the treasure...will the main character are able to find all the five treasure...We'll find out soon enough.

    @All Pokemon BW2 Pokedex
    @New villians called themself as Team Desires
    @All Legendaries
    @A new region

    Rom Hackers Needed
    I invite all of you rom hackers into my group..We can share our experiences with other to make a better understanding of rom hacking...My group doesn't need a lot members..But the more the better...

    Type of rom hackers needed
    Sprites Inserter(Pokemon Sprites is given)
    ASM hacker(Optional)
    Pokemon Skills Inserter
    Artist(Overworld Creator
    Overworld Sprites inserter
    Tiles Inserter
    Animation Editor
    Map Editor
    Banner Editor

    Current Team Member
    Chris2Ash(Me)----Sprites Inserter...Pokemon Skills Inserter...Advance Scripter..Overworld Inserter...Tiles Inserter...Animation Editor..Map Editor..Storylines experts
    Nitendude26---Artist(Professional in creating pokemon sprites and Overworld)

    Application Form
    Time Zone:
    Hacking Skills:
    Contact information(Skype,Facebook,Email):
    Proof of works(Optional):
    Past Projects(Optional):

    Proof Of my work:

    Beginner Map:

    New Route:

    New Town:

    It's not fully complete I need to edit the tilesets though...So if you guys wanna join me...Don't be shy though....


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