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    Originally Posted by Don Bastio View Post
    my problem with it being for 3ds, and all 3ds games that exist, and for the sake of it i'll add ps vita is that using motion controls in public like on a bus or plane make you look like you have no brain lol
    1. Who's got time to play a 3DS on a bus, you should be concentrating on paying attention to get off the bus.
    2.You don't play the 3DS on a plane, even if the wireless is off, the manual says it's not safe to play on a plane.

    3. You don't play the motion controls in public, obviously, you do it in your bedroom where no one knows.

    I'd rather see Pokémon Snap 2, or a E-Shop download of Pokemon Snap n64 for the 3DS, rather than the WiiU
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