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Originally Posted by Griffinbane View Post
Now for my question. Does anyone have any ideas on how to finish the last Brycenman movie? I'm having trouble KOing everything in one move, something always survives. :(

Did a quick search for this on GameFAQs. Counter and Reversal are key to winning. Hope this helps.

Brycen Man Strikes Back Harder                                          [BRY4]

How to unlock: Have a happy (good) endings in all other movies.

PLOT: Brycen-Man is back? The battle transcends space! MISSION: Knock out an opponent every scene.

Total Scenes: 6

Rental Pokemon:

Lucario (Male) Lv. 99 (Fighting/Steel) Ability: Inner Focus Holding: Focus Sash Vacuum Wave [Fighting/Special] Reversal [Fighting/Physical] Counter [Fighting/Physical] Drain Punch [Fighting/Physical]

Opponent: Brycen-Man

Weavile (Male) Lv. 99 (Dark/Ice) Ability: Pressure Holding: Quick Claw Ice Shard [Ice/Special]

Houndoom (Male) Lv. 99 (Dark/Fire) Ability: Early Bird Holding: Chople Berry Fire Fang [Fire/Physical]

Hydreigon (Male) Lv. 99 (Dark/Dragon) Ability: Levitate Holding: Oran Berry Dragon Pulse (Dragon/Special]

Bisharp (Male) Lv. 99 (Dark/Steel) Ability: Defiant Holding: Expert Belt Iron Head [Steel/Physical]

Sharpedo (Male) Lv. 99 (Water/Dark) Ability: Rough Skin Holding: Water Gem Aqua Jet [Water/Physical]

Zoroark (Male) Lv. 99 (Dark) Ability: Illusion Holding: Dark Gem Payback [Dark/Physical]


Scene 1: Use everything you know and have! Scene 2: Use everything you know and have!

Line Choices: Outcome: Enemy Moves: "Bring it on!" Good --* "What was that?" Bad --*

Scene 3: Use everything you know and have!

Line Choies: Outcome: Enemy Moves: "As expected!" Good --* "Whatever!" Bad/Strange --*

Scene 4: Use everything you know and have! Scene 5: Use everything you know and have! Scene 6: Use everything you know and have!

Good Ending: Scene 1: Drain Punch Scene 2: Counter Choose GOOD option ("Bring it on!") Scene 3: Reversal Choose GOOD option ("As expected!") Scene 4: Drain Punch Scene 5: Drain Punch Scene 6: Reversal -(Pay attention to the moves each Pokemon has, they only have one move each, if they move first, use a move that attacks back (Counter, etc). If they move second, take the initiative (Force palm, etc). Read up on the opponent's moves and Pokemon in the Script carefully!)

Bad Ending: -Get KO'd -Fail to KO the enemies

Strange Ending: -Choose Dialogue choice "Whatever!" at the second option (it is considered the "Bad" option, but I marked it as "Strange" as well since it gets you this one)