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    Shiro (Daxity) - Chapter 5 - Vampire District

    My breath was shallow; it was strained. It felt like I was inhaling through a small medical tube. Normally, they had me hooked to it for ‘relaxation’, but right now, I was definitely not relaxed. I was panicking. The‘elevator’ into the arena was suffocating. It trapped carbon dioxide every time I inhaled oxygen. That is what it felt like. I imagined how the air was becoming heavy with each breath I took; I was sucking out what oxygen was in the claustrophobic space.

    A whimpering plead for air was caught it my throat when I felt the tube stop its movement upwards. My hands immediately pushed on the cold sheen of metal encasing me and I looked up towards the blue sky above. I gulped down air, but it still wasn’t enough. A headache pounded my brain like a mini boxer.

    ‘It will be okay Shiro,’ I reassured myself. ‘Soon this will open and you’ll have as much space as you want.’

    I stumbled back when the wall began blinking colors. At first I thought I was having another episode, but I was relieved to find that it was instruction. I squinted at the words, and slowly obeyed to what they had to say. Immediately, I let out a shriek when the wall clamped down on my right forearm. Blood rushed to my ears and I could hear the liquid hammering up to my brain as I kicked the wall and pulled. I didn’t stop until I realized that something was playing on the wall where the text had appeared. I saw a man…What was his name again? He definitely had a name, but I couldn’t remember it. Wasn’t he someone important?

    Well, that important person was talking to me; droning on and on in a language I could barely understand. He spoke English, and I knew English… But it just didn’t stick. It went through one ear, and out the other. Only bits and pieces registered. I managed to get an understanding of the situation through the visuals that were given. I was being chained to someone, and if they died, I died. The chain was strong. What else?

    I abruptly scrambled to my feet when I saw that the tube’s walls were lowering into the ground. Bit by bit, I could see the arena beforeme in all degrees. However, my eyes lingered over to where I felt a lightmovement on my right wrist. I trailed my eyes down to the chain, up the link,and to the person I was looking at was Kerin.

    I had a series of mixed reactions to seeing him. At first Iwas thankful to see another vampire, and someone I kind of understood. My nextreaction was confusion, as to why the Gamemaster would place two vampirestogether. My final reaction was to quickly look away in sudden fear. He was stronger than me, right? And from what I could tell, he didn’t particularly like me. I couldn’t understand why that was, however. Did I do something that would make him angry? I couldn’t remember anything of that significance…

    So, instead of facing him, I stared down at the shoes on my feet. I couldn’t remember changing into them… Or even into these clothes. Perhaps someone had helped me… Did I thank them? I didn’t know…

    My eyes raised up slightly as a voice overhead spoke down on us. Or at least, I hoped I wasn’t the only one who could hear them. The voice was a man’s voice, and it came from the sky.

    ‘God?’ My mind asked. But then I remembered something important… That there was no real God. If there was a God above us all, then I didn’t want anything to do with him.

    I took in my surroundings with a sense of unease as the voice counted down. It sounded similar to the voice that had been speaking to me earlier. Didn’t the name begin with an ‘N’?

    Beneath my feet was the same metal plate of the tube, but that didn’t account for the arena itself. Grains of brown rice spilled onto the sheen of silver. It was some kind of earth that I had never seen before. Slowly, I knelt down as the voice droned on at a decreasing rate from forty-five. My fingers slowly caught a handful of this strange substance, and I ran it between my fingers. It was like, and it didn’t stain my hands like the dirt of my home would. It was almost soft, and it slipped easily out of my outstretched hands. It was hot, too. I had never felt so warm so quickly because of an environment… This sort of sensation only occurred when my flesh was broken, and blood seeped out from my veins. The disk of shining light hung overhead, and seemed to glare down at me mockingly.

    I was suddenly thankful that most of the myths concerning vampires were not true.

    This material stretched out far across my vision, though it seemed to end off in the west and south… Trees. I could make out trees if I squinted in that direction.

    My legs unbent from the disk, and I straightened out again as the voice rang out a twenty. There were others in this strange land with me.Two of them, I had met only yesterday. Not in person, but I had seen them on a television screen as the interviews played on. The other pair… I recognized.

    I recognized them so deeply that a shiver when down my spine at the sight of them. Why were they here? I nearly collapsed, but I found strength in grasping the chain connecting myself to Kerin. My knees felt like buckling, but I knew I would only make Kerin mad if I wasn’t ready to move when the cannon sounded.

    Yet, he had to be feeling the same kind of emotions as me, right? After all, this was a very unkind surprise to see these two.

    The one staring back at me was the same man that had been with me when I was chosen as a participant. It was a hazy memory, but it wasthere.

    The first one, staring back at me, was the male Vampire Leader of my district. Calzus Zunigi

    The second one, staring at Kerin, was the female Human Leader of his former district. Statia Maina.

    ([email protected] You are in the desert section of the arena.

    Kerin - Shiro
    Calzus (V-Leader) - Statia (H-Leader)
    Scarlet - Cyro)

    Bernkastel Vermillia - Chapter 5 - Demon District

    If I could smile painlessly, I would have. Luck seemed to be on my side this year as well. Raike was perhaps the best participant I could have been chained to. He seemed to be the most level-headed of all the contestants; he was not sharing any miserable past nor was he emotionally-driven… Maybe not calm, but he certainly wasn’t affected by his environment as much as the others. Yes, he was human and yes, that meant I was tied to the ground like a wingless bird, but I was still thankful for this setup. He was strong by himself most obviously, but he also had Mammon. I knew that.

    I nodded slowly in his direction, before turning my attention to who else was joining us in this section of the arena. My eyes immediately spotted out a familiar face. Fang. He saw me as well, and grinned nervously. In reaction, I shook my head and glanced down at my chains. His grin disappeared.

    ‘No,’ I mouthed. I hoped he would understand what I meant by that. I didn’t want him tagging along with me. Especially with Shizuka attached to his wrist. It would be best if we separated, and joined together once most of the participants were dead.

    The other pair was surprising to see; Pewita and Nokoto. This was a really bad combination, even for Natruo. What had he been thinking? If he wanted to kill me, he would have set Ryuu and the other strong males in my section.

    Was Marisa really attached to Ryuu? Was that why he wasn’t here, and somewhere else?

    I then took my time with checking out what ‘section’ I was actually in. It was actually a rather simple environment…. It was very similar in fashion to the arena in my first year. The grass was wild, though not too tall that it was a hindrance to walk within. The area was seemingly cut in a circular fashion, with trees surrounding the outer borders. I knew for a fact that this wasn’t everything… There was more to this arena just beyond those trees.

    But I was not going to explore each section. It would take too much time, and I did not have all the time in the world.

    I heard Natruo’s voice count down from twenty. I turned to Raike, and began speaking to him. The other pairings directly across from us (think of a triangle) would not be able to hear me.

    “Focus on the pile at the center, Raike.” I nodded towards the stash. It was customary for the Population Games to start with a pile of supplies out for the picking. A participant could take as much as they could carry, so long as they didn’t die trying to do so.

    “There are weapons, food, and water. Supplies such as rope will not be needed as much, but… Take what you can. Don’t bother with the yellow bags. And the grey ones? Open them before you take them. A few look abit suspicious. Maybe rocks, or a timed explosive.”

    She slowly got into a stance; ready to run forward. “Fang will not bother us, and he’ll probably stop Shizuka from getting in our way.That is what I am hoping. Pewita is the danger in this current situation… Are you getting this? We’ll be going east. Check the sun if you must. We’re not staying more than a minute.”

    That was the longest time I had ever talked for since my contract. Hopefully I didnot overwhelm Raike…

    ([email protected] You are in the grasslands section of the arena.

    Raike - Bernkastel
    Fang - Shizuka
    Pewita - Nokoto)
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