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    Zoran Nishant

    "Why's it gotta be you?"

    "Mickey your mum will get mad if you sound like that," she chided, taking the money from his outstretched hand without a look back. At least she had the decency to not put in down her shirt, Mickey reflected, watching her rezip her bag back up with a little shrug of the shoulders. The blond scowled at her, glaring at the carefree way her Pokeballs swung off a strap. He couldn't believe her; truly he just could not.

    Mickey gave her a look of imperious exasperation, slouching with a pout. "I ain't the one runnin' off wit' her tail between 'er legs am I?" She raised a thin eyebrow at him as he continued. "He don' scare you don't lie. You ain't even freaked by his creeper eyes. You don't do anything without a reason Zora and I am not seein' a good one."

    Zoran only smiled at her best friend, unperturbed. "Well, maybe you'll figure it out Mr. Mouse. I'm going whether you want me to or not. We have a mission to do. She'll thank me for it... and so will you." At her side Doom barked in joy, eager to move if they were moving, eager to leave if they were doing so.

    "You aren't helping," he told the dog, disgruntled. Unconcerned, Doom licked his fingers. Mickey chuckled and sighed. "There's no helping it huh?"

    "Well no..." she told him slowly, pulling a card from her pocket. He cursed and Zoran laughed. "I make up my mind when I make up my mind," she informed him. With that, she opened the lage front door of her friend's home, returning Doom with a flourish. It would save a lot less staring with this. The Pokeballs were bad enough. "Bye bye Mickey~"

    "What about Zaria?"

    The ghost formed slowly, appearing next to her sister with a tiny tilt of her head. What about me? At his expression, a pout rose on the tiny girl's faceDid you think I wasn't going too? Of course I am! I gotta! Or else who knows what'll happen to her?

    "Then you keep 'er safe kay Zari," Mickey grumbled through his palm.

    His reply was a swish of fabric and a sound of footsteps.


    Once you got out of the city, walking sure was boring. It was certainly better than trying to get a ride off of some weirdo... but there wasn't all that much to look at.

    Zoran sighed and looked at her Pokeballs. "Sure is windy out here..." At least it was quiet.

    It was quiet enough in these grasslands to think. However, she didn't want to think. She knew why she was out here. She was here because of red eyes and more whispers. She was here because they were all in danger. The grass shuffled and Zoran paused. "Hello there!" Whatever made that little noise couldn't be too bad... could it? Eh, like she would be bothered by it.

    Out hopped a Buneary, its beady brown eyes glittering with dismay. "Yah-Yah ain't gonna get me!"

    Zoran tilted her head. "Why would I want to?" Aside from how adorable you are...

    It sneered. "Don't all of yer kind say the same thing! Ya wanna catch me for fur or kids or something! I ain't goin'! No way, no how!"

    The girl shrugged. "Well, okay. You sure are a cute thing though." Zoran walked on, semi-oblivious to the sputtering of the small, semi-innocent creature.

    "I am a boy!" hollered the Buneary, glaring at her backside.

    "Boys can be cute too," Zoran called. Zaria giggled, not that the Pokemon could hear it. "Bye bye~"

    The creature's face colored. "H-Hey, wait up!" To his surprise, Zoran did, pausing to look down at the tiny creature hopping in her direction. "What's the matter with you?"

    Zoran laughed happily, reaching down and poking the creature's nose. "Lots of stuff. What's wrong with you? You aren't running away." The bunny huffed, crossing stubby arms.

    "That's cause you're dumb," explained the Pokemon as if to an imbecile. "Any normal human woulda slapped a Pokeball or whatever you call those natterin' things by now. Maybe you're a defective human or something. I'll have to check." He proceeded to hop on top of Zoran's arm and climb her head. When Zoran didn't move, he groaned. "Yeah you're a defective human. AIn't ya gonna freak out?"

    "But you'd fall," Zoran protested. The rabbit huffed.

    "The only one who'd get brain damage from that is you. Now get up... do... human stuff. Go, go, go!~"

    Zoran shrugged a little and returned to her full, miniscule height. "Only if you tell me your name little bunny." He growled at her, glaring.

    "...It's Edmund."
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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